Door lingo



With double doors, an astragal is the steel divider that is mounted to the inactive door to close the gap between the two doors. It also acts as a stop for the active door. Each pair of Weldwork doors always comes with flush bolts installed at the top and bottom of each inactive door

Active Door

For double doors, the active door is the main door, or the one that you open and close.


Bullet Hinge

A bullet hinge is a type of hinge that is mounted to the jamb. Weldwork’s custom-made bullet hinges will upgrade your entryway while seamlessly blending with other traditional hinges around your home.


Concealed Pivot Hinge

A concealed pivot hinge is a premium hinge that is mounted within the top and bottom of your door, rather than to the jamb, creating a nearly invisible hinge system that rotates in and out seamlessly.



A deadbolt is a type of lock that features a bolt, or shaft, that protrudes from the active door into the strike plate installed on the inactive door. Deadbolts offer an extra layer of security.

Dummy Handle

A dummy handle is a handleset that does not have a latching or locking function and does not turn. It is mounted on an inactive door to match the appearance of the active door and can be used to push and pull a door closed.



A flush bolt keeps the inactive, or secondary, door in a pair of double doors locked and secured in place. It is flush-mounted, meaning it’s hidden, and placed at the top and bottom edges of the inactive door.


A flange is a custom profile that is fitted to the frame behind the door. It is typically what weatherstripping is installed to and acts as a door stop.


Glass Stops

The .½” x .½” steel glass stop is what holds the glass in place. Whether you opt for true or simulated divided glass, Weldwork doors are glazed with a non-removable glass stop on one side and a ½” x ½” removable one on the other.


Glazing is the glass in your door or fixed partition. Whether you want your door to put your room on full display or add privacy, Weldwork offers a variety of luxury glazing options to achieve your desired goal without compromising light.



Handing is what determines which way your door swings or slides. Please see the Weldwork Handing Chart.


Inactive Door

The stationary door that your active door latches into.



Door jambs are the outer frames of the door system that the door mounts to and the hardware latches into. Weldwork provides a custom 1” x 1.5” jamb for all of our bullet hinge doors.



Mullions are the grid patterns of steel that separate panels of glass in a door. Weldwork offers a variety of mullion widths and patterns to complement any design aesthetic.


Partition Door

Partition doors are installed in fixed partitions, allowing you to block off a space and create a separate room. These are ideal for offices, vestibules, lofts, and entryways.

Privacy Handle

A privacy handle is typically used on a bedroom or bathroom door. It does not have a key and is instead locked from one side using a twist or button lock.


Roller catch

For interior doors, a roller catch is an almost invisible piece of hardware that is mounted to the top of the door to keep the door in a closed position when shut. This is similar to a ball catch on most closet doors in your home.



Sidelights are tall, narrow pieces of glass that can be placed on one or both sides of your door. They can brighten up a space by allowing more light in.

Simulated Divided Glass

Simulated divided glass allows you to create any grid pattern you’d like with one pane of glass and smaller mullions.

Sliding Barn Door

Sliding barn doors are mounted adjacent to a wall on an exposed barn track. They efficiently slide open and closed, offering space-saving design and a modern, industrial aesthetic.

Sliding Track Door

Weldwork’s sliding track doors are elegant sliding doors that stack on top of fixed panels and smoothly slide open and closed. They’re ideal for spaces like a closet where traditional swinging doors aren’t an option.

Soft Close

A soft close and open system slows the speed of a track door and cushions its movement, allowing the door to gently open and close in complete silence. This is perfect for younger kids to help prevent finger slamming. This feature only comes in 30” doors or larger.

Strike Plate

A strike plate is the metal plate installed on the door jamb across from the deadbolt. It is where the deadbolt and latch connect when the door is closed.

Surface Mounted Pivot Door

A surface mounted pivot door is equipped with a visible pivot hinge that is mounted to the top and bottom of the frame, rather than to the jamb. This creates a bold, contemporary appearance.


A door sweep is a strip of flexible material that is installed at the bottom of a door to help control the climate from one room to another. These are typically used in wine rooms, shower doors, or to help with additional sounds deadening.


Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is glass that has been strengthened. When broken, it fractures into relatively harmless pieces rather than sharp shards, making it much safer than ordinary glass.

True Divided Glass

True divided lite doors have multiple panes of individual glass that are separated by mullions.


Weatherstripping or Seals

A material that’s installed around the door system to seal off a room. These are typically used in wine rooms, shower doors, or to help with additional sounds deadening.

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